meI’m David Silverman, a poet from Skokie, Illinois and the author of It’s the Little Things: Poems About Love , Faith & Basketball. Though I’ve been writing poetry since I was in high school, and had poems published in numerous places over the years, It’s the Little Things is my first collection of poems.

Since the publication, I’ve been asked many times when my next book of poems is coming out. This seemingly innocuous question has become something of an indictment because the honest, embarrassing answer is “probably never.”

I should explain. I’m not very prolific. In fact, it took me more than 40 years to complete the 65 poems contained in my book and a year of exhausting effort to edit. Upon completion of the editing process, I felt like Apollo Creed at the end of the first Rocky movie when, beaten to a bloody mess, he hugs Rocky and mumbles, “Ain’t gonna be no rematch.” In any event, at my current rate of productivity, the earliest anyone could reasonably expect a second volume is in 2056 when I’ll be 97 years old. Since I write only about subjects I know well, I imagine the title of that book will be something like, Gevalt: Poems About My Prostate & Medicare Part B.

Therefore, as a springboard to publishing a follow-up book, I’ve conceived The Parsha Poetry Project. Each week I intend to publish, on this site, a poem that is connected to the weekly Torah portion. I’ll also write poems connected to the major holidays. Additionally, I’ll offer an explanation of the poem’s origins and how it’s connected to the parsha.

My goal is to write a new poem every week. I can already tell you this is unrealistic given the amount of time it takes me to produce new work and how much I like to nap. But, I will try. Vegas has set the over/under at 35 new poems, with the smart money taking the under. We’ll see. If things go well, by the time the new year of 5778 is ushered in, I should have enough material for my second volume of poems.

The world waits in eager anticipation.